2016-present day
Le Monde Autre (poetry&art): (eco-)conscious and unconscious art, introspective mythology.

○ 384 400 Km {is the distance between you and me} Collection of poems in the form of an artist book, illustrated with 8 original gravures, hand stamped in each one of the 50 copies.

To be released in 2017
○ Buried Music/Musiques ensevelies Collection of bilingual poems.
The Dream of the Fisherman’ wife Installation of two buried dress as a form of illustration for the poem of the same name, to be exhumed in spring 2017.
Clematis vitalba Installation/dress made of vegetal as a form of illustration for the poem of the same name.
Le Manteau-Monde Installation series of three hand sewn quilted vest (with Redeemed leather saddle stitched hems, natural wool hand spinned by Janelle from Sorg ond Slaep, hand-dyed with natural Campêche (Haematoxylum campechianum) wood).
Ecdysis Sculpture series of six birch boxes lacquered in Urushi and containing the founding dream/myth for Le Monde Autre.


Pagan Poetry (jewellery) >> archives

○ Awards for the jewellery work:
– Winner Who’sNext 2011
– Finalist Prize « Accessoires Femme Printemps Nation/Ateliers de Paris » 2012.

○ Retailers for the jewellery work:
– Yoox (online), Merci, La Cour, Eple&Melk, SoWeAre, D+LABshop, ChineMachine, L’Avant-Scène (Paris), Hic&Nunc Store (Strasbourg), Mlle Coquelicot (Tours), Sally & Jane (Metz), Le Monde Nallik (Berlin), Ma Vie Sur Mars (Genève), UtileFutile (Rome), Westend (Milan), BW&GREEN BVBA (Belgique), Boutique Coeur de Pirate (Luxembourg), PIAFF Boutique (Liban), FAVVI Dressy Daisy (Taïwan)


Landscape architect, Chargée de projet, Atelier MT&Associés.


Landscape architect, Chargée d’étude, A.B. Paysagiste.


Landscape architect, Dessinateur, Agence Tangente.



Landscape architect, Paysagiste D.P.L.G. (ENSP, Versailles), graduated with top honours from the Jury.

Environnemental designer, BTS Plasticien de l’Environnement Architectural (ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, Paris)



violin (Massenet, Haydn, Vieuxtemps, Lalo,…) , harp (Grandjany, O’Carolan, Joanna Newsom,…) & antique lyre of Sappho (antique repertoire, Hurrian Hymns,…)

Viva l’Orchestra 2017 (tuttiste violin) >> concerts April 23 and June 21  >> reservation


Graphic designer for the literary magazines of La Société des Amis d’Alfred Jarry and La Société des Lecteurs d’Henri de Régnier